The Lively Lady in Camden Photo by Piper Pavelich

CAMDEN – Built in 1971, the Camden-based lobster boat known as the Lively Lady has served many throughout the years.

As the boat has moved around from owner to owner, it has gone by the names of PEM, Osprey, Palmer Day III, Ocean Delight and Lively Lady II.

“The vessel was purchased and renamed to Lively Lady II by Alan Philbrick in 1994. Camden Harbor Cruises bought the vessel in 2012 after Philbrick established the business on the harbor,” according to the Camden Harbor Cruises website.

Ever since, the Lively Lady served many in providing a nautical experience for visitors of all ages.

Photo by Piper Pavelich

The Lively Lady is a provider of various types of boat tours, including excursions where visitors can get hands-on lobstering knowledge and experience.

During each trip, visitors can get a front-row seat to see Curtis Island Lighthouse, sailboats and yachts, and the rocky coastline of Penobscot Bay.

Along with the commonly viewed seagull, visitors may also see harbor seals, porpoises, osprey and other creatures while out on the boat.

Annie James measures the lobster on the Lively Lady in Camden. Photo by Piper Pavelich

Often, visitors can see commercial lobstermen hauling in their catch. When the Lively Lady crew hauls in their own catch on their excursions, visitors are able to get up close to see lobsters, crabs, starfish, mussels, sea urchins and anything that may lurk below.

The crew teaches visitors all about the creatures they catch, and how to reset their lobster traps so they are ready for the next catch.

Visitors can touch and get pictures with the creatures and help reset the lobster traps.

Checking the lobster on the Lively Lady in Camden.

Aboard the Lively Lady is a touch tank, where creatures such as lobster, starfish and mussels take up residence for a few hours to be shown off to the visitors. After their job is done, they are let back into the ocean.

The Lively Lady typically goes out on four trips per day during the summer season.

Trips vary in price and duration, as each excursion offers a different experience. They offer these trips starting in mid-May until mid-October, seven days a week.

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