From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Volunteer Coordinator Jacqueline Harjula,

Brothers Bevis and Butthead, seven-month-old hound mixes, came to our shelter from down south. They were born outside and partly feral, but were fortunate to be under our care until adopted. Bevis adapted well, and was soon able to go to his forever home.

Butthead, however, was another story. He was afraid of any human contact, and only cowered in the corner of his kennel. “Butthead, how about a nice doggy treat?” Those beautiful, soulful eyes just looked away and ignored the offer. “Butthead, let’s go for a walk.” He just pulled away from the leash. The canine team knew it would take a long time for Butthead to be socialized and adopted, if ever.

After two months, a potential adopter came in to check out the Chihuahuas that just arrived. Ralph just lost his aging Chihuahua, and wanted another of the same breed. On the way to the small dog section, he noticed poor, frightened Butthead looking so sad, and asked if it would be okay if he went in to say “hi” to him.

Ralph sat on the floor beside the frightened dog, told him he was a good dog and started petting him. Butthead just lay there without responding to this kind person. Finally, Ralph said, “I guess I’d better go pick out a Chihuahua,” and got up to leave the kennel. At that point, something amazing happened. Butthead got up, walked over to Ralph and wrapped his legs around Ralph’s legs. It was a magical moment. They both fell in love.

“I guess I’m adopting two dogs today instead of one,” Ralph exclaimed. Butthead went to his new home with his new brother, Cooper the Chihuahua. The first order of business was changing his name to Buddy, and his life also changed to one of loving his treats, loving his naps in the sunshine, cuddling up to watch TV and sleeping with his mom and dad.

His tail is always wagging; he is a happy dog. P.S.: He is my grand-dog, so he is certainly also my buddy!

Gail is an adult feline looking for a welcoming, loving home.

Thought about volunteering here at Pope Memorial? There are many opportunities to share your love for animals, even if you don’t adopt one.

First, go to and complete the volunteer application. Once you are in our records, you will be notified about the next date for a volunteer orientation, scheduled once a month. Our next orientation is Saturday, Aug. 7, from 11 a.m. to noon. At the orientation, you will be able to tour the shelter, learn about available volunteer opportunities, and receive a description of what we look for in potential volunteers.

Note that some positions, such as a dog walker and play group handler, require additional training.

Other volunteer opportunities you may not be aware of include our Foster Program, requiring a separate application on our website, and our CLYNK/Can and Bottle Redemption program.

As a foster family, you can help young animals have a chance to grow and thrive, and can give injured, sick or under-socialized animals an opportunity to heal. Our Bottle Redemption program generates thousands of dollars in income yearly, so your assistance in this area also greatly helps our animals.

We appreciate your interest and hope to see you at a future volunteer orientation and/or dog walker training.

Wish list: Paper towels (select-a-size preferred), 13-gallon and 30-gallon garbage bags, copy paper, cat food (poultry paté style) and laundry detergent.

Thank you.