ROCKPORT — According to Leni Gronros and Brandon Graffam of Graffam Brothers Seafood Market and Seafood Shack, there is a secret to making the best lobster rolls.

Gronros said to keep the ingredients light and simple. “The lighter the better,” he added.

Graffam said using fresh ingredients was also key.

Fresh Maine lobster, a light serving of mayonnaise, and a toasted bun are all you need to make the perfect Maine lobster roll.

There is no need for extra ingredients like lettuce or celery, and adding them takes away from the classic Maine style.

As for butter?

“That’s Connecticut style,” Gronros said.

Graffam Brothers Seafood Market is currently celebrating 75 years of business.

The Seafood Shack is open all year Monday to Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In the summer months the shack operates outside, across the street from the market.

During the winter months, the shack is inside the market shop.

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