HOPE — Town Clerk Robert Menas resigned in July, and former Town Clerk Chelsea Summers is filling in.

The Select Board discussed the resignation and voted to confirm Summers as interim clerk July 27.

In his resignation letter, Menas said he was grateful for the opportunity to serve as the town clerk. He was hired for the position in February.

“The hours of the position are part-time and the lack of full benefits has convinced me that I must look for another position that marries full-time pay with full benefits package, to include retirement. I also have come to realize that I would prefer a work environment that is less public and more private,” he said.

“Municipal government understandably gets reported in the local papers. I prefer a more generic public profile.”

“I love my time as clerk. I particularly loved working for you, Samantha [referring to Town Administrator Samantha Mank]. Your love for the town, hard work ethic and teaching ability has enriched me. I am sorry that my future needs conflict with a job that I have come to love, a town that I love and an office staff I admire. As of July 23, I will resign my position as clerk for the town of Hope.”

Chelsea Summers File photo

Summers will be a familiar face to residents. She served as clerk from 2017 to January 2020.

Her sister, Alexenia “Allie” Payor, is also a former town clerk for Hope.