The lobster industry is a vital one for the region, earning harvesters $111 million in 2020 with a catch of slightly more than 25 million pounds.

Statewide, nearly 97 million pounds of lobsters were landed in 2020 in Maine with harvesters paid $406 million.

Lobsters account for 79 cents of every $1 of seafood landed in Maine.

The overwhelming bulk of the lobsters are caught from July through November.

The $111 million paid to Knox County harvesters in 2020 is down from the $143 million earned in 2019. The 2020 value is also down from the record year of 2016, when Knox County harvesters landed 35.2 million pounds that paid them $149 million.

But the 2020 earnings were still the sixth highest on record. The state maintained landings by county since 1964 and statewide figures since as far back as 1880.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis issues annual figures on income earned by various industries. For 2019, the most recent year for which numbers are available, only health care and social services at $185 million and government at $178 million generated more income in Knox County than the $143 million paid to lobster harvesters in 2019.