The first ever Wild Blueberry weekend takes place Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 7 and 8, during the peak of the season, featuring tours of blueberry farms, and opportunities to buy fresh and frozen blueberries, and jams, desserts, and spirits made with wild blueberries.

Retail stores, restaurants and pubs are also showcasing their fare featuring wild blueberries during the weekend.

Statewide, 15-plus wild blueberry farms and more than 40 restaurants, inns, bars, wineries and distilleries serving wild blueberry-themed menu items during the weekend are participating. A full list and descriptions of local farms and businesses can be found at

“We want Mainers and visitors alike to experience the hardworking, vibrant, and distinctly Maine culture of wild blueberry farming,” said Eric Venturini, executive director of The Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine. “Wild Blueberry Weekend is a fun way to engage families, folks interested in the local food scene, residents and tourists in this iconic Maine food — and help our farms and businesses.”

Participants will also have the chance to highlight their “wild” experiences and win prizes by following @wildblueberries on Instagram and Facebook and using #WildBlueberryWeekend on social media.

Brodis Blueberries

Brodis Blueberries, 87 Jones Hill Road, Hope. is a 170-acre wild blueberry farm that has been been farmed by the Brodis family for seven generations, and possibly longer, according to Ron Howard. Howard’s wife Sonia, is the daughter of Gwen Brodis, who owns the farm.

Howard is part of the committee organizing Wild Blueberry Weekend, and is encouraging people to go to pubs and restaurants that use wild blueberries and support wild blueberry farmers. He hopes the weekend will be the first of many more to come.

On Aug. 7 and 8, Brodis farm will be open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for activities including hand-picking a sample of fresh wild blueberries and taking a short hike with views of the farm, Alford Lake and the mountains beyond. At 10:30 a.m. each day a hike will end with a special reading of the classic children’s book, Blueberries for Sal. Both days the farm will sell fresh and frozen wild blueberries, jams and other products.

Also on hand will be Bluet Sparkling Wine and Masquoit Vinegar, vendors who use Brodis blueberries in their products. The Buns food truck will be onsite offering lunch or dinner, and the Aldermere Acheiver 4-H Club will sell baked goods.

On Aug. 8, Wyman’s “Bee Wild” truck will offer fruit cup samples and games and activities for all ages. University of Maine Wild Blueberry research staff and local craft vendors will also be there.

Howard’s son Jeremy is co-owner of Blue Barren Distillery, which several years ago began distilling Brodis wild blueberries to make eau de vie and gin. The Distillery on the Hill now operates at the farm, where the blueberry harvest for next season’s eau de vie is currently underway. The Distillery will be open 4 to 7 p.m., offering tastings and sales of its spirits, with cocktails available for purchase. A list of local restaurants serving Blue Barren’s spirits and retail stores where their products are sold is on their website. (*Note: Brodis farm is located in Hope, not in Appleton as GPS may show.)

Ridgeberry Farm

Ridgeberry Farm, 1005 Appleton Ridge Road, Appleton, offers visitors an in-the-field experience of modern-day blueberry farming, while enjoying views from the top of Appleton Ridge.

Visitors will see how berries are harvested with the latest blueberry harvesting machinery, and a demonstration of what it’s like to hand-rake at this family-owned farm. They will visit the wild blueberry “picking line” and sample delicious wild blueberries. Hay wagon rides around a field will be offered if the harvest allows.

Tours will be held between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. From noon to 3 p.m., Gun Slingers BBQ will be grilling with a specially made Ridgeberry Farm Blueberry BBQ Sauce. Fresh wild blueberries will be available for purchase (single, four and eight-quart boxes), with freezer-ready options. No pets are allowed.

Blueberry Valley Farm, Union

Blueberry Valley farm, 2788 North Union Road in Union, is a family-owned business with a 50-acre farm that generates around 50,000 pounds of wild blueberries a year. Fresh berries, jams, pies and more are sold at the farm store from 11 a.m. to  5 p.m.

Local retail and restaurants

Winterport Winery, at 279 Main St., Winterport, will feature blueberry wine and blueberry hard cider.

Rollie’s Bar and Grill at 37 Main St., Belfast, is serving blueberry lemonade and blueberry martinis.

Fresh Off the Farm, 495 Commercial St., Rockport, sells wild blueberry products in many forms:  jam, jelly, chutney, soda, frozen, fresh, dried, toppings, vinegar and beer.

Bixby & Co., 1 Sea Street Place, Rockland, is a craft chocolatier celebrating wild Maine blueberries with its Maine Blueberry Smoothie Bar, Whippersnapper Bixby Bar and Maine Blueberry Jam Bon Bon.

Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery, 347 Carroll Road in Union, is offering a selection of blueberry drinks for $5 with a souvenir glass, including Maine Wild Blueberry Sangria, Blueberry Smash dessert wine and Blueberry Aromatic Bitters.
Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery, 175 Barrett Hill Road in Union, is a family farm making Maine grown wines, including blueberry wine.

For more information about Wild Blueberry Weekend events at local farms and blueberry farms throughout Maine, visit For additional information about the health benefits and origin of wild blueberries, research, recipes and more, visit