The first place winner for the Friendship Day Pie Contest was a coconut cream baked by Deb Armstrong.  Emma Testerman

FRIENDSHIP — The 2021 Friendship Day celebrations were met with large swaths of crowds, ranging from locals to tourists alike. This annual event, reaching its 38th year, is a fundraiser for the town. Many event holders and visitors mentioned their delight seeing how many families attended, after last year’s cancellation due to the pandemic.

The two-day celebration of the town started July 30 at 4:45 p.m. with a pie contest at the Hahn Community Center’s front lawn. The contest had two categories: two-crust fruit or custard/cream. Prizes were awarded to the top three pies of each category.

Six judges had their fair share of tastings, and judged the quality of pies based on appearance, filling, crust and overall taste and impression.

The first place winner for the 2021 Friendship Day Pie Contest were Deb Armstrong’s coconut cream pie and Mimi Baker’s three-berry pie. Both were rewarded with personalized chef hats and a goodie basket with the town’s celebration theme, “Salts of the Sea.”

Following that into July 31, Friendship Day was in full swing. The parade began at 10 a.m., with EMT and Fire Department vehicles representing not only Friendship but surrounding towns like Waldoboro and Cushing.

Additional parade participants, along with locally owned vintage automobiles, include dance students from the Academy of Dance Arts and Movement, kindergarten and day care classes in themed costume floats, local fishermen and volunteers of the fire department and their families.

Earlier in the day, road races were held both for individuals and young families alike, starting with the Annual Road Race, then the Short and Long Hauls.

Live music was held outside of the Hahn Community Center, with an auction held indoors. The Friendship Fire Department sold lobster rolls, hot dogs and other refreshments for the public to enjoy.