MONHEGAN ISLAND — The Monhegan Museum of Art & History launches self-guided virtual tours of its exhibitions and architecture. These tours expand opportunities for visitors to experience the Monhegan Lighthouse, art and history exhibits in the former homes of the Monhegan Light Keeper and Assistant Light Keeper, as well as the Rockwell Kent – James Fitzgerald Historic Home and Studio. Monhegan’s remote location 10 miles off the coast of Maine is a huge attraction for many visitors, but it can make the island inaccessible to some. With the Museum’s exhibits open on a seasonal basis from June 24 through Sep. 30, these virtual tours are an important step toward making the Museum more accessible to a wider audience throughout the year. The virtual tours were created by Rockland photographer David Clough with the Matterport 3D platform, and offer 360-degree views of the buildings and exhibit spaces that create an immersive digital experience for the viewer. The Museum plans to expand its virtual tours by using the technology to tag art, artefacts, buildings and places with additional information. Visit to experience a virtual tour.

The Museum’s major summer show “Cape Ann and Monhegan Island Vistas: Contrasted New England Art Colonies,” on view through Sept. 30, is also included in the virtual tours. The exhibition explores the relationship between the art colonies of Monhegan, Maine and Cape Ann, Massachusetts. These locations, separated by a hundred miles of ocean, became important crossroads in the history of American art as they hosted many major artists through the years. Figures such as Theresa Bernstein, Eric Hudson, Leon Kroll, Hayley Lever, James Fitzgerald, Lester Stevens, Don Stone, Stow Wengenroth and others visited, and sometimes lived, in both locations. Co-organized with the Cape Ann Museum, the show pairs work from both Monhegan and Cape Ann by these and other artists.