Three more Knox County residents were diagnosed with COVID-19 during the past day, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday.

There has been an uptick in cases in the past few weeks around the country, including Knox County.

No additional hospitalizations or deaths were reported for Knox County residents. Since the pandemic began, 1,189 Knox County residents have been diagnosed with the virus, 36 have been admitted to hospitals, and seven have died.

An additional 49 people in Knox County have been vaccinated in the past day. A total of 26,359 people in Knox County have been fully vaccinated, amounting to 75 percent of the people eligible to receive the shots.

Statewide, an additional 65 cases of COVID-19 were reported in the past day with one additional death — a resident of Penobscot County. One additional person statewide has been hospitalized in the past day.

Thirty-three people are in hospitals currently across the state with 18 in critical care units and nine on ventilators.