WARREN — After five weeks of intense competition, the crowning of Midcoast Athletics Center’s Men’s Summer Basketball League champion came down to three back-to-back-to-back playoff games on Tuesday night, July 27.

And when the final buzzer sounded, it was a tasty title treat for No. 1 Meatballs.

The semifinal contests saw the top seeds — No. 1 Meatballs and No. 2 Maritime — advance to the championship contest, a finale that had a barrage of three-pointers sail through the air, and, finally, through the net, in an 83-76 victory for Meatballs.

Meatballs serve up tasty title treat. The squad includes, from left, Jack Lombardo, Elliot Lucier, Trevor Reed, Cam Kingsbury and Cooper Wirkala. Zack Miller

After being down at halftime, Meatballs (7-0) — whose roster included only five players in the four-on-four, fullcourt action — came back and made their free throws in the final minute to ice the game, despite a late three-pointer from Maritime’s Jordan Matero, which cut the eventual champ’s lead to one with less than 20 seconds to play.

The contest saw the advantage between Meatballs and Maritime (4-3) change hands no less than 10 times, as each found its stroke from the field and behind the arc.

Tuesday was the final day of summer league play, as three postseason games were held for the league’s four teams, as two semifinal games, and, ultimately, the championship, occurred in a three-hour span.

In the semifinals, No. 1 Meatballs beat No. 4 Hot Rods 105-70 and No. 2 Maritime beat No. 3 ABI Masonry 67-52.

The final regular-season standings included: Meatballs 5-0, Maritime Energy 3-2, ABI Masonry 2-3 and Hot Rods 0-5.

Maritime Energy’s Everett Allyn. Zack Miller

The league teams and players included:

Meatballs — Jack Lombardo, Cam Kingsbury, Cooper Wirkala, Trevor Reed and Elliot Lucier.

Hot Rods — Jason Hughes, Korey Doolan, Kaleb Benjamin, Grady Doolan, Cedric Rogers, Alden Wadsworth and Gary Birkbeck.

Maritime Energy — Aaron Ecker, Sam Atwood, Nick Tinker, Jordan Matero, Everett Allyn, Ryan Rice and Nate Raye.

ABI Masonry — Hunter Grindle, Ryan Ripley, Kyle Donlin, Cam Martin, Sam Meklin, Gunner Cummings, Trevor Wilson, David Harrison, David Gould and Isaiah Stone-Patterson.

The scores and individual point totals from the three playoff contests were:

Championship: No. 1 Meatballs 83, No. 2 Maritime Energy 76

Maritime led 48-42 at halftime.

Cooper Wirkala scored a game-high 42 points for Meatballs, as Trevor Reed tallied 16; Jack Lombardo, 12; Cam Kingsbury, seven; and Elliot Lucier, six.

Nick Tinker led Maritime with 23 points, while Ryan Rice scored 18; Everett Allyn, 16; Jordan Matero, 12; Sam Atwood, five; and Nate Raye, two.

Meatballs drained 11 three-pointers, as Wirkala hit four; Reed, Lucier and Kingsbury, two; and Lombardo, one.

Maritime connected on 15 treys on the night, as Tinker hit five; Matero and Rice, four; and Atwood and Allyn, one.

Playoff: No. 1 Meatballs 105, No. 4 Hot Rods 70

Meatballs led 39-31 at halftime.

Cooper Wirkala led the charge on offense for Meatballs with 39 points, as Cam Kingsbury tallied 22; Jack Lombardo and Elliot Lucier, 15; and Trevor Reed, 14. The squad hit 23 three-pointers, as Wirkala netted eight; Kinsbury, six; Lucier and Reed, four; and Lombardo, one.

For Hot Rods, Kaleb Benjamin and Kory Doolan scored 21 points, while Alden Wadsworth had 14; Grady Doolan, seven; Gary Birbeck, five; and Cedric Rogers, two. The team netted 13 treys, as Benjamin sunk seven — for all of his points — Kory Doolan and Wadsworth, two; and Grady Doolan and Birbeck, one.

Maritime Energy’s Nate Raye. Zack Miller

Playoff: No. 2 Maritime 67, No. 3 ABI Masonry 52

Maritime led 35-23 at halftime.

For Maritime, Ryan Rice led the offense with 21 points, as Everett Allyn scored 16; Nick Tinker, 12; Jordan Matero and Aaron Ecker, six; and Sam Atwood and Nate Raye, three. Maritime sunk 13 shots from behind the arc, as Rice hit four; Tinker, three; Matero and Ecker, two; and Atwood and Raye, one.

For ABI Masonry, Isaiah Stone-Patterson led the offense with 12 points, while David Gould tallied 10; Ryan Ripley, nine; Kyle Donlin and Gunner Cummings, eight; and Hunter Grindle, five. The team hit four treys, as Stone-Patterson netted two; and Ripley, Cummings and Donlin, one.

Meatballs’ Elliot Lucier. Zack Miller

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