Four more Knox County residents were diagnosed with COVID-19, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention July 27.

The four additional cases were diagnosed since Saturday. There are no additional deaths or hospitalizations of Knox County residents since Saturday.

Since the pandemic began, 1,186 Knox County residents were diagnosed with the virus, seven died and 36 were admitted to a hospital.

Statewide, an additional 172 residents were diagnosed since Saturday. A Cumberland County resident became the 898th Mainer to die from the virus. Nine additional Mainers were hospitalized.

Currently, there are 33 Mainers admitted to a hospital due to COVID-19, nineteen are in critical care units, and nine are on ventilators.

The federal CDC is reporting that nearly nine out of 10 people being admitted to the hospital are people who were not vaccinated.

Since Saturday, an additional 101 doses of the vaccines have been given to Knox County residents. Seventy-five percent of Knox County residents have been vaccinated.

Cumberland County has the highest vaccination rate in Maine at 81% while Somerset County has the lowest at 54%.