Letter to Commissioners Parent, Pohlman, Merriweather, Administrator Hart

On behalf of the Towns of Camden, Rockport, Thomaston and the City of Rockland, we respectfully request that you table Action Item (VII. 1) on the agenda for your July 13 meeting.

At your June 8 meeting, you committed to further engaging with the municipalities in Knox County to better understand how County ARPA funds can be used for the benefit of residents in the County. We ask you honor this commitment before you make any further decisions on how the County will allocate these funds.

The County has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support investments that will make our communities resilient to a changing economy.

However, the continued expenditure of County ARPA funds without any input or consultation from municipalities will only result in investments made by the County that are out of touch with the economic realities our region is facing. Municipalities, not the County, are closest to the issues in our communities, and are expected by the citizenry to solve these problems.

We implore you to work with us so that $7.7 million is not wasted on endeavors that will have little to no impact on people in Knox County.

Town Managers Audra Caler of Camden, Jon Duke of Rockport, Kara George of Thomaston

Rockland City Manager Tom Luttrell

From the Woolen Mill Park Committee

The Woolen Mill Park in Warren recently had a new memorial bench installed in honor of Bev Boivin. Granddaughter Erica Dever initiated the project and the Woolen Mill Park Committee took it on.

We’d like to thank a group of local citizens and businesses responsible for helping the family achieve their goal.

After the family of Bev dug the hole, Earthly needs, a Warren Company in a timely manner delivered and placed the necessary layer of stone to support the bench. Owen J. Folson Inc. donated and poured the concrete pad. Robert Starbird arranged this piece of the process. Thanks to both.

Tom Burgess of Warren True Value donated his time and some materials to assemble and then install this bench in the park. He also stored the bench for us longer than we 1st planned. We thank you.

Robert Starbird was very helpful with the order of tasks to be done. The park committee much appreciates his experience with this type of installation.

The memorial bench is now in place along with all the other beautiful benches in Woolen Mill Park.

Helene Rondeau