UNION — The 2021 Union Fair Trustees have announced that the Maine Wild Blueberry Queen competition is now the Maine Wild Blueberry Ambassadorship. In addition to a change in title, this means the competition is now open to applicants of all genders.

The competition is also open to individuals who are married or have children now.

“We’re trying to be more inclusive,” Sharon Caron said. “We’re trying to be in the forefront of what’s going on in the world.”

Caron is the coordinator of the event.

“We’re looking to encourage more people to apply,” Caron said.

Candidates must still be high school graduates and Maine residents between the ages of 17 and 22.

Caron said many decisions are still being made, such as if there will be a crown. “This was all changed just a couple months ago,” Caron added.

Candidates are encouraged to know about blueberries and the industry.

There will still be a public question session, as well as an interview with the judges. Caron said there will not be a banquet, as there has been in past years. “We’re lucky to be doing the fair,” she said.

More details about the competition will be determined as the event moves forward.

The Wild Blueberry Ambassador will receive a sash and a cash prize, and will represent Maine and the blueberry industry at future events and parades.

One such event is the The Big E in West Springfield, Mass. The Blueberry Ambassador will attend this event and represent Maine, just as the Blueberry Queen has in the past.

Anyone matching the requirements who is interested can contact Caron at 975-2646.

Candidates will be asked to write an essay detailing their accomplishments and will need to be sponsored by a blueberry producer.

The ceremony naming the first ever Maine Wild Blueberry Ambassador and the runner up will happen on Sunday, Aug. 22 at 4 p.m.