From the desk of Development Director Chrys deLorimier at Pope Memorial Humane Society,

Garff, an affectionate orange guy, came to Pope Memorial Humane Society with what we thought was a cold. When it wouldn’t go away with regular treatments, he went to visit the kitty doctor.

The news wasn’t good. Garff had polyps in his nasal passage that had to be removed. This would be necessary for him to be healthy, breathe clearly and find a loving home.

The surgery happened and seemed to be a success; Garff recovered, but his sniffles and snuffles soon came back. The kitty doctor said, “time for a specialist.”

We knew this would be expensive. The first surgery and related expenses were already costly, but we also knew we had to do the right thing for this sweet guy.

The specialist surgeon was able to go in through his jaw to remove the deep polyps. He is now recovering in a foster home! There is hope for him now–he is a loving guy who will make someone a great companion.

Garff’s surgeries and related expenses are currently $2,103.63. If you can help him, it would be greatly appreciated, as donations are down over 45% this year. Gifts can be made online at in honor of Garff, or by check (write his name on the memo line,) to Pope Memorial Humane Society, P.O. Box 1294, Rockland ME 04841. It is only because of this community’s amazing support that we can go the extra mile for suffering animals. We are truly grateful to you for making this possible.

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Out shopping? We could use Temptations cat treats, dry kitten chow, copy paper, bleach and other cleaning supplies.

Thank you.