ROCKLAND — The first jury trial held in Knox County since the COVID-19 pandemic began, ended with not guilty verdicts.

A jury acquitted Nathan Corlis, 27, on charges of felony terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

The trial lasted one day with several witnesses testifying. Corlis was accused of threatening a Friendship man with swords, and then damaging a pool by slashing or cutting it. The incidents occurred July 22, 2020 in Friendship.

Assistant District Attorney Lynn Madison told jurors in his closing arguments that Corlis was staying with the victim and his family, and they had a falling out and Corlis was told to leave. Corlis then waved the swords in a threatening manner and damaged the pool, Madison said.

Defense attorney Jane Langdon-Gray countered in her closing arguments that the alleged victim was taking advantage of Corlis, who was paying rent and doing work around the house and lobster shop. She said the man who claimed to have been threatened simply could not tolerate defiance by Corlis.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm pointed out to the jurors that they were serving on the first jury in Knox County since March 2020.

He said their service to the community was important by providing people access to justice.