Camden — Patrisha McLean, president/founder of the Maine-based domestic abuse-prevention group Finding Our Voices,, has been named a Leader of the 21st century by Women’s e-News.

McLean is the only Maine honoree in this year’s roster of 21 women from around the world so honored by the nonprofit news service at that covers issues of particular concern to women and providing women’s perspectives on public policy.

McLean, who will be attending the Oct. 19 award ceremony in New York City said. “I am really excited about bringing insight back to Maine and Finding Our Voices through conversations with the dynamic women who are in this group with me, including Kylie Hunts-in-Winter from the Sioux Tribe who is empowering women through training in the martial arts and Tracey E. Vitchers who has activated the country’s largest peer-to-peer program combatting campus sexual assault.”

The signature outreach of Finding Our Voices is huge window banners featuring the portraits of 35 named, Maine survivor-warriors, giving hope and help to girls and women still trapped and educating the public about the insidiousness, pervasiveness and complexity of domestic abuse.

More than 1,600 banners have been in downtown windows of 40-plus Maine towns since the start of the pandemic and are continuing to travel the state, community to community, most recently in the Lakes region.

McLean, a Camden-based photojournalist, said, “It is very heartening to have such a strong feminist organization as Women’s e-News validating our bold, creative and survivor-led way of breaking the silence especially since we are just entering our second year of being a non-profit. Thanks are due to my 35 Maine, survivor-sister warriors who are the face and heart of our organization, and also to Maine’s business community for posting and sponsoring the banners as well as distributing our bookmarks.” Martin’s Point Health Care just joined Camden National Bank and Baker Newman Noyes as state-wide sponsors of the 20-inch x 34-inch “Say Something” banners, and Charlie’s Suburu is the latest regional sponsor of the banners.

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