As usually happens in the sheltering world, June is a notoriously slow month for adoptions. Graduation celebrations, the younger kids out for the summer and families heading out for their first getaways. This makes July the perfect time to meet the incredible animals still waiting for their new families. Summer is also perfect for transitioning a new dog into your household. The weather makes it easier to get them on a potty schedule and allows for plenty of outdoor exercise and training.

Our bunnies love to go home in the summer. Nothing’s better than an outdoor corral to spend some time in during the day, eating grass and clover. Even the cats, when asked, said they prefer going home when the weather is warm, and they can lay in a sunny window watching the birds and chipmunks busy at work gathering food for their families.


One of our cats waiting for a window is Kayla. At nine-years-old, Kayla is low key with a little bit of sass mixed in for good measure. She is a stunning girl with a pure white coat and gorgeous green eyes. One might consider her perfect window dressing. She doesn’t even mind sharing her home with another well- behaved cat as long as she is in charge.


Wally is our one-year-old Great Dane Mix and is a perfect example of all good things in one package. This young man has an old soul and will spend hours cuddled up with you on the couch. On the other hand, he is also energetic, loves to play and the rougher the better. Everyone Wally meets at the shelter is his friend, whether they know it or not, best to not fight it, he insists. This sweet guy would certainly benefit from spending the summer with a family, learning all the things a young dog needs to have a happy life.

If you would like to meet Kayla or Wally, please let us know. Give us a call at 594-2200 and we can get you in for a visit. To become a pre-approved adopter just visit our website: and submit an online application. This helps to speed up the adoption process.
Our wish list this week includes paper towels, cat kibble and garbage bags (13 and 33 gal). Thank you for supporting us!

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