KNOX COUNTY — Members of the Knox County Art Society “KCAS” have elected officers and a board of directors for the 2021-22 year. The new President is Ann O’Hara, Vice-President is Wendy Jablow, and Kris Wright is the new Secretary/Treasurer. The Board of Directors are Erika Manning, Elyse Socker, Terry Smith, Vero Poblete, Naomi Howe and David Blanchard. The new officers and directors come from Camden, Rockland, South Thomaston and Spruce Head.

The mission of KCAS is to promote art in our communities, provide opportunities for artists to exhibit and sell their art, to provide instruction in various forms of art to interested members, and find opportunities for members to strengthen the bond of arts and the Knox County community.

According to President Ann O’Hara, KCAS will endeavor to include many different forms of art within the ambit of the society. “Nearly every type of fine art can be seen in Knox County on any day; and we want to promote the incredible talents of those artists as members of KCAS.”

New members may join at any time. A KCAS plein air painting group meets weekly, and plans are underway for life drawing opportunities through KCAS. The next opportunity for members to show their work in public will be at the Cushing Historical Society’s Arts in the Barn series in mid-August.

For information on joining KCAS, go to For Arts in the Barn registration information, contact Wendy Jablow at