APPLETON – The Maine Water Buffalo Company’s Open Farm Day June 26 saw many visitors of varying ages, all excited to get a closer look at the herd.

Activities included a chance to pet water buffalo babies, feed and pet goats, and visit the bunnies. Visitors were able to take a wagon ride into the pasture to meet the water buffalo. Attendees could pet the water buffalo if they were approached by them, and they had the opportunity to take pictures.

The Farrar family raises water buffalo for meat and dairy. Piper Pavelich

The farm store offered water buffalo products such as yogurt, cheeses, smoked meats, frozen meats, and gelato. The store also offered items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other merchandise.

The Farrar family was first introduced to water buffalo in 2008. The Christmas after Jessica Farrar was first introduced to water buffalo, she received a water buffalo calf as a gift. The Farrar family has been on a journey of learning since then, raising water buffalo for meat, dairy, and simply because they love it.

Jessica, her husband Brian, and the rest of the Farrar family raise their water buffalo herd on Old County Road in Appleton. Their mission statement, which can be found on their website, states: “All of us at ME Water Buffalo Co. strongly believe in raising a natural product, unaltered by hormones, chemicals or additives and therefore our herd of water buffalo is pasture fed with hay & grass. Our water buffalo meat is USDA inspected to ensure a quality product for you, as well as our own family. It is with great pleasure that we at ME Water Buffalo Co. have the privilege to bring this to our community.”

Visitors were able to take a wagon ride into the pasture to meet the water buffalo. Piper Pavelich

Their products can be found at numerous stores in Maine. For more information about tours, farm store hours, locations where their products are sold, upcoming events, and general information about the Farrar’s and their farm, visit their website:

The water buffalo of Appleton, Maine Piper Pavelich