WALDOBORO — The Waldo Theatre, 916 Main St., hosts its first in-person live music event, welcoming Lydia Luce to the stage Thursday, July 15, at 7 p.m. The concert is also available online in real-time via The Waldo’s state-of-the-art live-stream technology.

Pulling from musical references that span her orchestral background to contemporary classical, roots, indie rock and jazz, Nashville-based artist Luce doesn’t restrict herself to any singular genre.

Luce grew up in a strict musical household where her mother was a professional conductor for the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra and learning the violin was not presented as a choice. A virtuoso from six years old, she excelled in numerous philharmonics. She obtained her master’s at UCLA in the viola, but knew her path was not that of a professional classical musician.

“I am grateful for my classical upbringing and that I’ve gotten to absorb a diverse education in music,” Luce said. “Ultimately it all brought me to this space of getting to create from experiences that are only mine.” She studied ethnomusicology, performance and songwriting at Berklee, traveled and studied Ghanian music, and then worked at world music label Smithsonian Folkways Records.

As she crafted the album “Dark River,” Luce allowed each song to go in the direction of her varied influences and interests. She evokes the spirit of Judy Garland on “Just the Same” and “Stones,” while “Empty” and “Never Been Good” find her taking a more upbeat tone in songs about difficult emotions. “Tangled Love” plays with polyrhythms in percussion. It contemplates the complicated nature of a destructive relationship with the dreamlike sophisticated vintage sound that will draw comparison to the pop retroism of contemporaries including Weyes Blood.

The Waldo is keeping up-to-date with CDC recommendations, guidance, and direction regarding COVID-19 safety precautions. Vaccinated ticket holders can attend without masking. Masks are required for un-vaccinated audience members and volunteers.

Tickets are $15 for both in-person and virtual admission. Seating at The Waldo is limited to allow for distancing, and advance ticket purchase is encouraged. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door. Visit waldotheatre.org/pages/music.