Mills, give us our right to public utility

Three out of four voters strongly support a referendum this November to create a truly public electric utility. Many among this very large majority likely voted to make you our Governor. Now, it’s your turn: Please support our right to choose!

You recently blocked the bill our Legislature just passed to stop foreign money from influencing Maine’s choice in the voting booth. Your swift veto helps Spanish and Canadian shareholders continue deterring Maine from taking charge of our energy future.

You promote the money we pay CMP and Emera to enrich foreign shareholders, against our interests — dividends to shareholders of a monopoly already guaranteed their profit by Maine’s Public Utilities Commission.

This climate emergency falls on us to solve. We need the tools, we deserve the right to create Our Power, working for us alone to decarbonize our energy consumption.

If you will allow this referendum bill to pass, Gov. Mills, I am certain we, your voters, will remember you favorably when you run for reelection.

George Terrien