ROCKPORT — Documentary Songwriters presents “New Beginnings: Songs of Hope and Resilience” at the Rockport Opera House, 6 Central St., Saturday, July 24, at 7 p.m. The concert features five documentary songs performed by Suzie Assam, a Portland-based vocalist, interspersed with selections performed by Halcyon, a local collective of talented classical musicians.

The songs share stories from individuals across the country: one song, written this past winter, tells of standing in the middle of George Floyd Square and feeling a flood of unexpected emotions. Another song tells of a wildland firefighter’s reasons for showing up to a grueling job year after year. Documentary Songwriting is a unique, step-by-step method of co-writing music that fosters empathy, boosts self-confidence and strengthens community.

Tickets are available for both in-person seating ($15) and livestream ($10). Learn more at