WARREN — Area adult athletes had so much fun playing ball on the court over the winter they decided to keep swishing shots in the Midcoast Athletics Center’s Men’s Summer Basketball League.

The teams and players include:

Meatballs — Jack Lombardo, Cam Kingsbury, Cooper Wirkala, Trevor Reed and Elliot Lucier.

Hot Rods — Jason Hughes, Korey Doolan, Kaleb Benjamin, Grady Doolan, Cedric Rogers, Alden Wadsworth and Gary Birkbeck.

Maritime Energy — Aaron Ecker, Sam Atwood, Nick Tinker, Jordan Matero, Everett Allyn and Nate Raye.

ABI Masonry — Hunter Grindle, Ryan Ripley, Kyle Donlin, Cam Martin, Sam Meklin, Gunner Cummings, Trevor Wilson, David Harrison, David Gould and Isaiah Stone-Patterson.

The standings after three weeks include: Meatballs 3-0, ABI Masonry 2-1, Maritime Energy 1-2 and Hot Rods 0-3.

The scores and individual point totals from the third week of play were:

Meatballs 82, Maritime Energy 58 — Meatballs: Kingsbury, 28 points; Reed, 25; Lucier, 23; and Lombardo, six. Maritime: Tinker, 19 points; Raye 12; Allyn, 10; Matero, nine; and Atwood, eight.

ABI Masonry 91, Hot Rods, 59 — ABI: Gould, 47 points; Cummings, 15; Wilson, 11; Martin, eight; Grindle, six; and Ripley, four. Hot Rods: Hughes, 16 points; Benjamin, 12; K. Doolen, nine; Birkbeck, six; Rogers, four; and Wadsworth and G. Doolen, three.

The scores and individual point totals from the second week of play were:

Maritime Energy 82, Hot Rods 55 — Maritime: Allyn, 29 points; Raye, 19; Atwood and Tinker, 11; and Ecker and Matero, six. Hot Rods: Hughes and Birkbeck, 13 points; Wadsworth, nine; G. Doolen, eight; Rogers, six; Benjamin, five; and K. Doolen, one.

Meatballs 76, ABI Masonry 74 (OT) — Meatballs: Wirkala, 31 points; Lombardo, 17; Reed, 16; Kingsbury, 10; and Lucier, two. ABI: Cummings, 21 points; Donlin, 17; Gould, 12; Stone-Patterson and Meklin, seven; Harrison, six; and Martin, four.

The scores and individual point totals from the first week of play were:

Meatballs 86, Hot Rods 60 — Meatballs: Lombardo, 24 points; Kingsbury, 19; Wirkala, 28; Lucier, 12; and Reed, three. Hot Rods: Hughes, 22 points; Birkbeck, 12; Benjamin and G. Doolan, eight; Rogers, six; and Wadsworth, four.

ABI Masonry 79, Maritime Energy 68 — ABI Masonry: Gould, 20 points; Stone-Patterson, 16; Harrison, 14; Meklin, nine; Cummings, eight; Donlin and Wilson, five; and Martin, two. Maritime Energy: Matero, 21 points; Tinker and Raye, 15; Atwood, nine; and Ecker, two.

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