THOMASTON — Looking to reclaim a glimpse of one’s youth, playing the game most enjoyed on the schoolyard? If so, the town has the cure for what ails you.

The Thomaston Recreation Department will host its inaugural Adult Coed Kickball League, which will begin in July, with games on Thursdays at 6 p.m. at the Thomaston Little League Field on Watts Lane.

Teams will be made up of a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15, with league entry fees to be $150 per team. The entire fee will be used to help pay for the field, lights and trophies. Uniforms will be at the discretion of each team.

At this point, four or five teams are signed-up for the league, with the deadline to register set for Tuesday, July 6. There will be a playoff structure and league champion. The league will begin play on Thursday, July 8.

Kickball follows the same general rules as baseball, but played with a big red ball.

Each team is allowed 10 fielders and must have at least two female players, one of whom must be on the field at all times. Games will be seven innings in length if time allows and teams must have two base coaches.

Rules are as one remembers from playing the game as a child. One can throw a runner out by hitting that person with the ball, but no headshots. One base on an overthrow. No ghost men.

It is the perfect mix of nostalgia and outdoor fun after a trying year for many who have coped with the all-encompassing effects of COVID-19.

“We had a rec meeting and it got brought up and after the meeting I asked [Rene Dorr, recreation director] if he minded if I spearheaded it,” said Jared Porter, who has been on the board for the Thomaston Recreation Department four years. “And we moved forward from there.”

Porter said he hopes to get to at least eight teams before the start of league play. And if the league is well-received, there could be other leagues on the way next summer, such as youth kickball and wiffleball.

“This year we’ll just use the Little League field,” said Porter. “But if league takes off, there are more local fields we have access to [next year].”

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