VINALHAVEN — The father of a man stabbed to death a year ago on Vinalhaven is asking the court to order the Maine Attorney General’s office to turn over investigative files related to the killing.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Lester Feltis’ claims that the AG’s office wants a confidentiality agreement because it knows there was misconduct by law enforcement, and does not want that information to be public.

The lawsuit was filed June 29 in Lincoln County Superior Court in Wiscasset by attorney Amy Fairfield on behalf of Feltis.

Feltis’ son Roger Feltis died June 14, 2020, on Vinalhaven. Police say he died from a stab wound after confronting a couple he believed was harassing him.

The AG’s Office presented that case to a grand jury in Knox County during the first week of July 2020; the jury issued two no bills, meaning a majority of jurors did not find probable cause to believe Dorian Ames, 28, and Briannah Ames, 30, committed a crime.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Lester Feltis, however, contends that several eyewitnesses’ statements make it clear the killing was not self defense.

“Every witness who witnessed Roger’s murder said the same thing: Roger Feltis approached the residence of the two persons who ultimately killed him and, as he stood outside on the deck leading to the residence and was hollering to the occupants about his brake lines on his truck being cut. The male stepped onto the porch wielding an axe, which caused Roger to back up away from the residence.

“Suddenly, the female rushed onto the porch and at Roger, and began punching him and hollering to the male to ‘hit him. Hit him with the axe,’ or words to that effect, which is what the male did, ultimately killing Roger,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit also contends that law enforcement officers committed some type of misconduct, but the lawsuit nor Fairfield detailed those alleged acts.

“Plaintiff knows of information in the File that is misconduct that should have led to final discipline, and based upon what is known, it is unfathomable that the conduct is was not punished,” the lawsuit states.

“The Office of Attorney General cannot conceal known misconduct on behalf of law enforcement by utilizing statutory confidentiality and interpretation, to suggest that the entire File is confidential under any circumstances,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit asks the court to rule that the father has the right to the investigative reports without having to sign a confidentiality agreement that would prevent information from ever becoming public.

A spokesman for the Attorney General said late June 29 that it was not yet served the lawsuit and had no comment.