The National American Legion has awarded Camden Police Department Detective Curt Andrick 2020 Northeast Region Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

The award ceremony took place at the Maine American Legion’s 2021 Annual State Convention in Brewer the weekend of June 11 and 12.

The award recognizes well‐rounded law enforcement officers who have exceeded, above and beyond, the duty requirements of their position, who exemplify professionalism and dedication, demonstrate a distinct pattern of community service to their community, state or nation, and have proven their personal dedication to societal security and protection.

Andrick became eligible for the national award after winning 2019 Maine American Legion Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. The award was for saving the life of a teenager who suffered a severed artery in bicycle crash across the street from the Camden Public Safety Building in September 2017. Andrick witnessed the crash as he was leaving the building for the day, ran across the street and maintained pressure on the wound until the ambulance arrived.

State LEO winners are automatically considered for national LEO awards for each of the Legion’s regions. Due to the pandemic, ceremonies for 2020 did not take place, and Andrick did not learn he was chosen until this year.