The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the economy and the subsequent record rebound is no clearer than looking at retail sales figures for the past three Aprils.

Retail sales for the region that includes all of Knox County as well as the Waldo County towns of Islesboro and Lincolnville totaled $54.5 million in April 2021. This is a record for the month.

The sales were a 57% increase from the April 2020 sales of $34.8 million. April was the first full month of the shutdown resulting from the pandemic and government restrictions on businesses.

The April 2019 retail sales totaled $38.9 million.

Each category of businesses saw sales increase in April 2021 compared to April 2020.

Lodging businesses, for example, saw sales skyrocket from $146,000 in April 2020 to $1.2 million in 2021. The $1.2 million is an April record.

Restaurants also saw a huge jump in April sales — from $2 million in 2020 to $5.1 million in 2021. This was also an April record.

Building supply stores saw continued to strong sales, a trend seen throughout the pandemic. Building supply sales rose from $9.1 million in April 2020 to $13.7 million in 2021.

Motor vehicle sales also continued a strong performance. Motor vehicle sales jumped from $9.4 million in 2020 to $13.4 million in 2021.

General merchandise store — mainly those at department stores — saw a sharp increase. Retail sales in these stores rose from $4.9 million in 2020 to $8.8 million in 2021.

A miscellaneous group of stores — that includes antiques shops, gift shops, jewelers, pharmacies and sporting good stores — sales sale rose $3.5 million $6 million.

Sales of taxable items in food stores rose from $5.7 million to $6.3 million. Most food is exempt from the state’s sales tax and not included in the state revenue figures.

Statewide, retail sales in April leaped from $1.6 billion in 2020 to $2.67 billion in 2021.

March sales also set a record in the Midcoast.