Health & Wellness Coach Hester Kohl Brooks will lead Yoga Nidra programs in the Camden Amphitheatre this summer. Photo by Hester Kohl Brooks

The Camden Public Library announces the addition of Yoga Nidra classes to the selection of outdoor wellness offerings in the Camden Amphitheatre this summer. Beginning Thursday, July 8, and running through Aug. 26, Camden-based Health & Wellness Coach Hester Kohl Brooks will facilitate Yoga Nidra programs every Thursday from 8 to 9 a.m. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that brings the body into a state of deep relaxation.
Kohl is a trained “Daring to Rest “Yoga Nidra Facilitator who utilizes the practice to help her clients overcome their exhaustion in order to reach their wellness goals. “Yoga Nidra is known for bringing peace and clarity and may be helpful for people experiencing stress or other conditions, said Brooks. “The practice is called a ‘sleep-based’ meditation, in that it combines the benefits of meditation with some of the benefits of sleep.”
Many people practice lying down, but participants may also choose to sit or walk. Bring anything that will help you get comfortable such as a yoga mat, blankets, a pillow/bolster for under your knees, eye mask, or a chair if you’re planning to practice seated.
The program is offered for free, but donations are accepted. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Camden Public Library. For more information and to preregister, contact Hester at Preregistration is strongly encouraged in case the class is canceled or moved. Find out more about this and other programs at the Camden Public Library by visiting