Medomak Valley Little League crowned an undefeated baseball champion on Thursday, June 17, as top-ranked Union swung to a 7-3 victory over No. 3 Washington.

Union used a five-run third inning to distance itself from the lower seed with timely hitting and supreme baserunning.

The regular-season standings included: Union 12-0, Wildcats (Waldoboro/Friendship) 6-5-1, Washington 6-6, Panthers (Waldoboro/Friendship) 5-6-1 and Warren 0-12.

Union finished the campaign with an unblemished 15-0 record after playoff wins over the Panthers, Wildcats and Washington.

Team members for Union include Liam Doughty, Cole Esancy, Liam Feeley, Joseph Wilcox, Wyatt Hood, Jaydiin Ruiz, Nolan Wellman, Julianna Blake, Griffin Murray, Jamieson Frost, Andrew Flanders and Eli Parent. The team is coached by Patrick Hood, Shawn Wilcox and Chris Wellman.

Team members for Washington include Landon Morrison, Tucker Brown, Tom Brown, Owen Dostie, Parker Eaton, Landon Lewis, Gavin Ambridge, Gavin Burns, Tanner Kopishke, Avery Kunesh-Lowe, Ashton Kunesh-Lowe and Nick Bowman. The team is coached by Evan Morrison and Sean Brown.

In Thursday’s championship game, Union scored one run in the first inning, five in the third and one in the fifth, while Washington scored two in the fourth and one in the sixth.

Union was led at the plate by Hood (run, 2 stolen bases), Wellman (triple, double, single, 3 runs, 2 stolen bases, RBI), Doughty (2 singles, 2 RBIs, 2 stolen bases, run), Frost (double, run, stolen base, 2 RBIs) and Ruiz (2 singles, 2 stolen bases).

For Washington, Ashton Kunesh-Lowe (single, stolen base, run), Dostie (double, RBI), Tucker Brown (double, run, RBI), Avery Kunesh-Lowe (single, RBI, stolen base), Eaton (single) and Burns (run, stolen base) paced the offense.

Wellman and Hood split pitching duties for Union as the duo allowed five hits and two walks, with 10 strikeouts. Tucker Brown and Dostie pitched for Washington and allowed eight hits and four walks, with 10 strikeouts.

The key inning for Union came in the third, when Hood drew a walk, stole second and third bases and came in on a double by Wellman. Wellman  scored on Feeley’s single and, after Doughty reached on a base hit, the teammates scored on a double by Frost.