The city is expected to solicit bids on 56 Willow St. Stephen Betts

ROCKLAND — Rockland may place conditions on the future sales of tax acquired properties that would encourage the creation of affordable housing.

The Council voted unanimously at its June 14 meeting to give final approval to an ordinance change that allows for affordability covenants to be placed on future sales of residential properties. The specific conditions are not outlined in the new municipal law.

The first use of the ordinance may come next month when the city manager expects to place before the Council a proposal to seek bids on two tax-acquired residential properties. City Manager Tom Luttrell said the two residential properties the city owns is 56 Willow St. and 375 Pleasant St.

The city acquired 56 Willow St. in March for non-payment of property taxes. The house is a two-story home with five rooms including two bedrooms and one bath. The 1,047-square-foot home sits on a tenth-acre of land and is assessed by the city at $84,100.

The 375 Pleasant St. parcel is a half-acre with no building. The city acquired the property in March 2018 and demolished a dilapidated house on the land.