In late May, the Oceanside High School STEM and Liberal Arts Academy sponsored two experiential learning projects in partnership with Hurricane Island Science and Leadership Center and The Telling Room.

These projects gets students outside the classroom to experience hands-on learning in a natural environment.

Meghan Vigeant of The Telling Room worked with Liberal Arts students over three days to develop their creative writing, focusing on how to set a character in a story or poem.

They spent the first day on the high school campus working and practicing observation and descriptive skills. On the second day, they went to Hurricane Island.

On the last day, students were back at Oceanside High School, learning more about the importance of revision and beginning to fine tune pieces that will eventually be shared.

Mona, Cassidy, Addy and Winter were very appreciative of the work they did with Vigeant, and look forward to sharing their pieces in the future.

The science students — Ahlivia, Brady, Savannah, Hazel, Gavin, Aidan, Vandeslaine, Griffin and Michael — are working with the staff of Hurricane Island and science teacher John Hagin over three days as well.

They traveled with the Liberal Arts students to the island for their first day of field work, where they sorted a spat bag (an aquaculture tool used to grow scallops) and began exploring the intertidal zone, narrowing in on a research question they’ll explore with Hurricane Island staff.

Their second day will take place at Oceanside High School and on the nearby shoreline of The Apprenticeshop. Students will start their research in Rockland’s intertidal zones and complete it during their final trip out to the island June 18.

In addition to their research work, students will build STEM Academy spat bags, where we will grow scallops somewhere in the local area, the site still to be determined. Participants will place them in the water in the fall, and they will be an ongoing project for Oceanside students.