THOMASTON — The Element Furniture showroom is now open for business, at 189 Main St. in Thomaston, Wednesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The showroom features locally crafted modular, convertible furniture: a home office, mudroom, pantry, wardrobe, dining ensemble and add-ons such as bookcases, a console and a minimalist desk.

Scandinavian in design, these pieces are crafted from wood species common to New England, such as walnut, cherry and white oak. Other highlights include dovetail joinery, hidden pull-outs and soft close hardware. All components are compatible and can be combined in multiple varieties.

Tim Massey, the owner of Rockland-based Endeavour Craftsmen, said he envisioned high quality furniture that fits into small spaces and serves multiple purposes. The inspiration came in the past year, as peoples’ lives and work became centered from home.

“Element Furniture provides contemporary good looks with multipurpose practicality,” says Massey.

Clayton Thompson, the head designer at Endeavour Craftsmen and creator of their signature furniture and custom cabinetry, developed Tim’s ideas into the line of Element Furniture which he refers to as “convertible spaces.”

Along with Tim and Clayton, Tim’s son, Tom Massey, serves on the team as director of marketing. He devotes his energies to bringing the story of complementary form and function to customers looking to enhance homes and home work spaces.

Elisa Olds has been brought on board, as showroom manager, to assist with sales and marketing. Visitors can tour the showroom Wednesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or by appointment) and enjoy Flipside Coffee next door.

For more information contact Showroom Manager Elisa Olds at;; 594-4411; 189 Main St., Thomaston.