We live at Marley’s house. Marley is a 5-year-old Maine Coon cat with a voice like a little boy.

This morning, he was frustrated because some of the doors were closed, and places were unavailable. In this case, the cellar. It is a wonderful place with lots of things to see. A museum for cats, if you will.

His frustration is like when restaurants in Rockland are closed Monday nights. Or like when the dump is closed and you really have stuff to get rid of. What will you do?

Marley took over management here at the Grass Ranch about five years ago. He graduated from Pope Memorial here in town. He wears a bow tie, and he will not take a check. More about that in a minute.

As a young cat, Marley like many do, became a thief. He would take things mostly found on the first floor, lug them upstairs and stash them under the bed, many belonging to Joanne. They remind him of his mom. One time, he lugged one of her wooden shoes to his under-bed lair. He did not show a lot of interest in my stuff.

In time, Marley became very interested in paper things. Envelopes post it notes and money. It has become a thing. At first it was one of those cute cat things. We would give him a dollar bill to play with. Over the course of a few days he would cart it all over the house and then loose interest. Then things changed.

I started a new cycle with a crisp new one dollar bill. It made the trip upstairs to our bedroom a few times. Then one morning I woke up, and looked down on the floor. There it was… a five dollar bill!

We were baffled. Was there someone else living here paying Marley for a part time job? The trip downstairs for breakfast ultimately unraveled the mystery. I left my wallet on the dryer the night before. Marley knocked my wallet off on to the floor and rifled through it and snatched the fiver. He then brought it upstairs for deposit in our bed room.

When we have company we always have to admonish them to not leave money laying around. Some of our visitors do not use wallets. It is perhaps a cultural thing. Grandson Anthony came downstairs for breakfast and announced, “Nana the cat took my money!”

He has had one big haul. It was this year. I will not reveal how much cash was taken, but suffice it to say it was an envelope stuffed with cash. I woke up to find an empty envelope, and on the other side of the bed a very content Coon cat with cash fanned out under his front paws. How do you like that, Daddy?

If for some reason you need to pay us, play it safe and do not pay in cash.

Marley will not take a check.