Samoset – Lack of Inclusivity, but not Exclusivity
In what would seem to be a poorly considered “public relations” decision, the golf headmaster at the Samoset Inn has closed the golf practice range to use by the local golfing populace. Preferring, I suppose, to cater solely to our “vacationing guests” mostly from out of state, those needing the exclusivity that can only be provided by staying at the resort and provided support under tighter range use policies? Having occasionally used the range over several past years, I find this to be a disappointing change. The range is generally little used during the afternoon hours that I might wish to go. On past occasions of use, I have never witnessed any misbehavior or disrespect caused by the local, albeit less exclusive (lucrative) members of the local community.
This begs many questions. Could I still utilize the restaurants at the Samoset, as a local walk-in? If I have guests visiting the area, ones who might not be staying at the Samo, would I even want to take them to dinner there, or to show them the “place” to stay next time? I wonder if I even could book a round of golf at the resort if not staying in a booked room there? I suppose I will not be doing either of those things as a lowly member of the surrounding localities. I am wondering if I’m even allowed to attend any “public events” therein.
Of course, any private enterprise can establish the parameters that they wish to operate under. And, if the Samoset has moved to exclude the local populace from using their facilities (all or part), that is certainly within their powers. At the bookends of the vacation season, when things wind down at the Samo and local community support may be appreciated, they will be short one party for certain. As for myself, perhaps I will shop for resort services elsewhere in the community.
T. Jurewitz