ROCKPORT — The following is news from Goose River Golf Club:

On Wednesday, June 16, in women’s play, Brenda Berry finished first gross; Suzanne Wright, second gross; Vera Roberts, first net; and Kim Schroeter, second net.

The pin winner was: Suzanne Wright on the eighth.

On Tuesday, June 15, in twilight league skins play, the results were: A & B Flights — Adam Lynch (1), Peter Lynch (2) and Daulton Wickenden (1). C & D Flights — Craig Stevens (1) and Dan Benson (1). E & F Flights — Garrett Hilchey (3), Andrew Lowe (1), Jason Peasley (2) and Jon Wickenden (2).

The pin winners were: Jimmy Blanchette, 3-2, and Daulton Wickenden, 16-10, on the sixth hole; and Mike Wolff, 5-8.5, and Adam Lynch, 5-9, on the eighth.

Henry Garretson was the 50/50 winner.

On Tuesday, June 8, in twilight league skins play, the results were: A and B Flights — Adam Lynch (1) and Brian Wickenden (2). C and D Flights — Ken Gardiner (1), Mark McGuirl (1), Peter Smith (1) and Craig Stevens (2). E and F Flights — Garrett Hilchey (1) and Jason Peasley (1). G and H Flights — Ed Curtis (2) and Don Benson (5).

The pin winners were: Andrew Dailey, 14-4 on the 15th hole; and Daulton Wickenden, 17-3 on the 17th.

Mike Wolff was the 50/50 winner.

On Wednesday, June 9, in women’s bramble play, Brenda Berry, Kristin Nelson, Faith Vautour, Bobbie Wentworth and Diane Zollo finished first at +1; and Karen Higgins, Lauria O’Connell, Jill Parker and Sarah Wilcox, second at +4.

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