Construction continues on the hotel in downtown Rockport despite appeals filed against the project.

“The front and back exterior façades will be completed by this fall,” said Tyler Smith, who is owner and developer of the hotel along with his parents, Stuart and Marianne Smith. “Following that we will then have approximately a year of interior work before we are able to host guests.”

The project has been the subject of appeals from neighbors both in court and with the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals. One appeal has failed with that board, but a second filed April 9 is expected to go before the board soon.

The new Rockport hotel under construction occupies a space between two buildings that neighbors say offered a scenic view. Daniel Dunkle

The first appeal targeted the Planning Board’s approval of the project. Now the second is aimed at the March 10 building permit that was issued by the Code Enforcement Office. Those appealing are David Barry, David Kantor, Michael Hampton, John Priestly, Mark Schwartzmann and Winston Whitney.

According to documents provided by the town, those filing the appeal live within 1,000 feet of the hotel site. They claim they will be adversely effected because, in their opinion, the hotel does not match harmoniously with the surrounding architecture. Traffic and parking concerns are also mentioned. In addition, the hotel will have 26 rooms, and the appellants claim it should have to conform to the ordinance put in place after the project was brought to the town that limits hotels to 20 rooms.

“Yes, unfortunately for us and fiscally for the town, there are still frivolous appeals pending,” said Tyler Smith. “We are not concerned about these due to the fact that the Planning Board and ZBA have already unanimously rejected all aspects of the appeals as well as a Superior Court judge has ruled that there is little chance of success in their case.”

He continued, saying, “Similar to when the town library project was being appealed, you have to continue on with construction. This hotel project is about a six-year process from the initial design work, engineering, procurement, scheduling and build. We are about at the four-and-half-year mark, so you are not really able to pause or stop materials, labor and build contracts.”

Looking ahead to how the rest of the construction will go, he said: “The primary steel structure is currently being erected and will be complete within the next couple of weeks. Within this structure are two masonry stairways and one masonry elevator shaft. These masonry structures will continue up to the roof elevation. Following the primary steel frame will be the installation of the steel pans for each floor. These steel pans will support the concrete that will be poured for each floor. Within the next month we will also see the beginning of the granite foundation veneer and the brick arches of the central street first floor.”

A Zoning Board of Appeals meeting has been set for 5:30 p.m. June 30.