From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Shelter Manager Theresa Gargan,

June finds our exotic room at the shelter full to overflowing with critters looking for homes. It has spilled over into the outside chicken house, where a very handsome rooster named Martini has taken up residence.

Unfortunately, Martini was not playing nicely with the other boys at his old home. Seems he wants to be the only rooster in the hencoop. If you happen to stop at the shelter, you will hear him singing of his search for a home with hens of his own. If you or someone you know of can offer Martini a home, he promises not to wake you too early in the morning.

Another of our exotics hoping for a new family is Snuggles the Syrian hamster. Snuggles is an eight-month-old male, tri-colored and cute as a button. Hamsters can be the perfect pet for those wanting a quiet, easy to care for companion.

When properly socialized they can become as bonded to you as cats and dogs and each, do in fact, have their own personalities. Hamster housing can provide you the opportunity to channel your inner architect. Tunnels, bridges, hammocks and wheels. It is great fun to plan your hamsters’ habitat and beneficial in keeping them happy and engaged.

Snuggles shares his room at the shelter with two guinea pigs, two gerbils and four rabbits. If you plan to be their next home, and they hope you will, visit to fill out an application and come in to meet them.

Our wish list this week includes rabbit food, hamster food, timothy hay and fresh veggies. We also find ourselves in need of woodstove pellets, which we use for cat litter. If you have bags of pellets left over from this winter, we can certainly put them to good use.

Thank you!