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Thursday June 10 day of the Eclipse:  my electric lawn mower died today after I accidently drove it over a hidden rock. oopps! Typical Mercury retrograde situation after days/daze of not mowing due to the heat. and ozone levels being too high.  Also, forgot my chiropractor app't on Monday AND a weekly women's group conference call focused on praying for the USA's democracy ideal to be vitalized, which I enjoy…. totally forgot about that until the next day!!!

How are you doing with Mercury retrograde?

Solar Eclipse 6:53 a.m. Thursday June 10 takes place with the Sun Moon and Mercury all conjunct between 19 -20 degrees of Gemini. This would be “fine” if it weren’t for the fact that Pluto is at 26 degrees of Capricorn (retrograde) and Neptune at 22 degrees of Pisces. By the way Mercury is also retrograde. Here we have an astrological configuration that is formed and is chaotic and unsettling for all of us.

Saturn and Uranus remain in a disgruntled aspect until July 7. The result of this today being a solar eclipse, means its effects are with us a lot longer, than if it were simply a New Moon. Just how long will the effects last? Could be 6 months to a year. The energy of confusion, deceit, manipulation demands a strong faith in the goodness which exists in all of us. Your faith is challenged. Prayers are needed. We won’t know the true results of considering a possible lab program or mistaken leak in Wuhan, for a while. Many questions persist in my mind and many more questions will arise for sure. I’m wondering why in Diyarbakir Turkey, which is famous for growing gigantic watermelons, which are grown in bat dung, do they not have virus issues? I learned about them using bat dung while my ex-husband/friend and I were there in 1989. It's an amazing historic city, by the way. Why is there no virus there when they’ve been growing with bat dung for so many decades? Makes no sense to me. In fact, they brag about using bat dung. I keep coming back to this. I really do not think bats are our problem.

There is the possibility of natural disasters taking place due to climate changes and the Sun’s activities which keep changing. https://spaceweather.com/ Flooding, oil spills, severe dry weather creating conditions for (more) drought conditions and fire possibilities, and lack of drinking and bathing water in certain areas are all likely to take place with this particular Solar Eclipse/New Moon. As I said before: prayers are needed. This is hard for me to share. There is little to say that is hopeful, except praying and speaking out to those in powerful positions who ideally should be able to change the tides were moving in.


This Solar Eclipse is conjunct Mars at 20 degrees of Gemini in the birth chart for the US. Yes, this is a concern. As you may have read in the media, China (leadership)  is greedy for power, more power. In alternative news there is serious concern about the Chinese leader’s vision/plan and the relationship with us. This has been written about for many years and comes as no surprise. I’m certain that the people (often referred to as collateral) are passionately interested in peace and harmony as are the citizens of the world. It’s the people in leadership roles we must be wondering about, what are their motives and goals? I truly believe that citizens all over the globe want to be happy, relaxed, and in good relationship with one another world wide.


Now is not the time to sit back and “see what happens.” Now is the time to contact Chellie Pingree 774-5019  Angus King 202-224-5344 Susan Collins 202-224-2523 and Jared Goldman  492-6009. We must let them know what we want and what we don’t want. Gemini is a sign of communications, conversations, discussions, sharing your thoughts hopes and dreams. This is not the time to be quiet.

Here’s what famous Astrologer Dane Rudhyar has to say about 20 degrees of Gemini; “The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.” How do we use our minds? What do we focus on? How can we make positive changes when we are confronted with knowledge we would rather not know about. We must process and realize that it’s not too late and there are things we can do and speaking up is a great source of united people power. Thank goodness we do not live in a country ruled by a dictator. For our children’s children we must take action in the way that makes the most sense to you, and I. “United we stand divided we fall.” It’s time to unite. There is way too much divisive energies swirling lately. I am careful what I say and to whom.