Abden Simmons and William Pratt won two 3-year terms on the Waldoboro Board of Selectmen at the June 8 municipal election.

The sale of the former AD Gray school to Volunteers of America also passed, while the proposed park for the same space was voted down.

Pratt, who received 520 votes, will take the seat held by Katherine Winchenbach. Winchenbach did not run for reelection.

Simmons received 511 votes. He was the incumbent running for reelection on the board.

Also running for the two seats on the board were Russell Brazier, Kevlin Court and Seth Hall. Brazier received 80 votes, Court 147, and Hall 260.

Also on the municipal ballot were two opposing questions regarding the former AD Gray property.

The article to sell the building to Volunteers of America for $1 to create affordable senior housing passed with 534 yes votes and 310 no votes.

The article that proposed a park on the same lot and called for the demolition of the building was voted down with 497 no votes and 344 yes votes.

Sandra O’Farrell and Jeanette Wheeler won two seats on the Regional School Unit 40 Board of Directors. O’Farrell received 408 votes and Wheeler 393.

Also running for RSU 40 Board of Directors was Karen Wellman, who received 375 votes.

Gordon Webster and Kevin Barbour won two seats on the Utility District Board of Trustees.

Webster was on the ballot and received 642 votes.

Barbour was a write-in candidate and received 12 votes.

Seth Hall, another write-in candidate for the utility district, received 6 votes.

Ben Vail and Susan Jackson won two seats on the budget committee with 37 votes each.

Kevin Court, a write-in candidate, won a third seat on the committee with 5 votes.

Shirley McClaren, an additional write-in candidate, received 4 votes.

All referendum questions and budget articles passed, including $81,879 for the office of the town clerk. This includes one part-time employee, eight ballot clerks and operating expenses.

This question passed with 628 yes votes and 199 no votes.

An amendment to the Shellfish Ordinance also passed. This amendment changes the residency requirement from 3 months to 365 days.

The Shellfish Ordinance amendment passed with 693 yes votes and 125 no votes.

A full copy of all votes is available on the Waldoboro website.