Sophie Romana and Matthew Siegel were elected to three-year terms on the Camden Select Board from a field of four candidates.

Votes for each candidate were as follows: Gassett 157, Lindquist 268, Romana 525, Siegel 490.

Camden-Rockport and Five Towns School Board member Patrick McCafferty was reelected to a three-year term, with 625 votes.

Jonathan Beitler was elected to a three-year position on the Personnel Board with 596 votes.

For the second year in a row, measures usually decided in person at annual town meeting were decided by secret ballot. This is due to COVID-19 restrictions that were still in place when ballots had to be finalized for printing.

The polls were open June 8 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Public Safety Building on Washington Street. Voting by absentee ballot also took place.

2021-22 Municipal Budget

Voters approved $9,841,751 in spending for the 2021-22 fiscal year, a 3% increase over the prior year, with 598 in favor and 113 against. (Article 15)

Voters also approved 716 to 57 the use of $3,869,121 in non-property tax revenues to lower the impact on property taxes. (Article 14)

The use of revenues is up 6.5% from the prior year. The net amount to be raised in taxes totals $5,972,630, which is an 0.86% increase over the current fiscal year.

Voters approved the use of $140,000 of Tax Increment Financing revenues collected by the Downtown TIF District to offset the cost of the Knowlton Street parking lot lease/purchase and maintenance of downtown parking lots. The funds can also be used to provide matching funds to apply for grants for the redevelopment of Harbor Park seawall, Montgomery Dam and for Riverwalk development. The vote was 687 to 82. (Article 13)

Broadband internet

Voters authorized the Select Board to enter into an Interlocal Agreement for the purpose of creating the Midcoast Internet Development Corporation. The vote was 714 in favor and 67 against. (Article 6)

The goals of the broadband network are to provide greater access, lower costs and faster service to customers.

New and amended ordinances

The new Un-Hosted Short Term Rental Registration Ordinance was approved 580-183. The ordinance requires registration of short-term rental properties, if the owner does not live there. (Article 5)

Voters approved a zoning ordinance amendment, 720 to 30, to incorporate the wastewater treatment plant into the Downtown Business district (Article 3).

Voters also approved a zoning amendment, 677 to 71, to allow new additions under 10,000 square feet to existing commercial buildings with certain uses in the Coastal Residential District. (Article 4)

The amendment contains conditions so it may only apply to an existing boatwork and storage building off of Belfast Road, owned by Parker Laite Jr. .A special exception granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals is a required part of the approval process for such additions.

Camden-Rockport and Five Town CSD 2021-22 budgets

Voters approved Camden-Rockport School District costs for pre-K through grade 8 totaling $17,269,139, an increase of 2.62% from the prior year. The vote was 605 in favor and 148 against.

Camden taxpayers' share of the pre-K – grade eight budget is $8,736,748, up 4.2% from last year. Rockport taxpayers' share is $6,968,768, up 1.37%.

Voters approved the Five Town CSD budget totaling $13,539,433, an increase of 1.78% from the prior year. The vote was 600 in favor and 134 against.

Camden's share of the grade nine-12 education budget totals $4,049,294.