Townspeople split evenly on whether to recall Select Board member Bruce Haffner in the June 8 election with a vote of 128 to 128.

Residents also voted against recalling Budget Committee member Elinor Goldberg by a vote of 154 (no votes) to 102 (yes votes). Both recall questions had 21 blank ballots and a total of 277 ballots cast.

"The required number of votes for each recall question was 374," said Town Administrator Samantha Mank. "There were only 277 ballots cast in the entire election. Therefore, neither of the recall questions met the 40% of the last gubernatorial election threshold. The recall questions did not pass. In order to initiate another recall election, the entire process would have to start over."

A proposed change in ordinance to allow a medical marijuana cultivator to grow recreational cannabis passed 161-103.

In other matters, residents elected Michael Brown to the Select Board by a vote of 218. He was running unopposed.

The school budget for Hope Elementary passed 201-66. All of the Five-Town CSD items also passed.

John Jensen and William Matteson were elected to the Budget Committee.

Timothy Lock was elected to the school board as a ballot candidate. Emily Burgess and Crystal Robinson received write-in votes and may serve in the other seats open on the school board as well.