The Union Board of Selectmen dedicated the 2021 town report to resident and Air Force veteran Richard Kirkpatrick, who passed away in September 2020.

Current Board Chair John Shepard presented the dedication to one of Kirkpatrick's son, Wayne.

Kirkpatrick was the son of Union farmers Steve and Laura. He graduated from Union High School in 1966 and joined the Air Force.

When his service ended, Kirkpatrick returned to Union, where he worked driving trucks, performing heating and plumbing work, and mowing lawns.

The dedication states "if anyone in Union had a heating or plumbing need, Richard was the one they called."

"During his time mowing lawns, Kirkpatrick attended to Union's cemeteries and the Common, which the dedication describes as 'flawless.'"

Kirkpatrick also attended the Union Fair, where he could often be seen smashing cars in the demolition derby.

Kirkpatrick was a member of MidCoast Shriners and Union Masonic Lodge #31.

"His legacy lives on — of hard work, helping others, community involvement, and a quick wit: four virtues that have always made Union a great place to live," concludes the dedication.