This spring Sundog Outdoor Expeditions launched a new program that provides local youth the opportunity to learn how to navigate coastal waters.

Sundog has partnered with Nicole and Ramiro De Acevedo Ramos, the owners of the schooner Surprise, Harvest Moon, and sloop Anjacaa, to educate middle-school children how to sail a schooner. The first one-week sailing program aboard the Anjacaa, a high-speed sloop, was crewed by seventh and eighth graders. There was challenging weather with high winds and rough seas, but through these challenges the young sailors were able to grow both their hard and soft skills on the water. In addition to teaching the technical skills of sailing, guides also teach the core values of resiliency, confidence, integrity, and craftsmanship.

The second sailing program on the Anjacaa is coming up and the Sundog team is excited to see how the sailors in this new crew will learn to trust each other on the water.