The Rockland Planning Board will hear plans for the creation of an additional lot atop Dodge Mountain.

Jeanette Phillipps, owner of 11 Sunrise Summit, has submitted an application to the Rockland code enforcement office to divide her property into two lots, creating an additional residential lot.

A single-family home of between 1,250 to 1,500 square feet would be built on the lot.

The current single lot is nearly seven acres. The lot is near the peak of Dodge Mountain and abuts Dodges Mountain Road on the Chickawaukie Lake side of the mountain.

There is already one house on the lot. The house has been a whole house short-term rental, according to city assessment records.

The Dodge Mountain subdivision dates back to 1984 when Patten Realty developed the residential subdivision. The Rockland Planning Board approved the 61-lot subdivision in July 1984 which was one of the largest subdivisions in Rockland history,

The Planning Board will review the plan for the additional two lots in a pre-application meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 1.

(Correction: The proposal is to create one additional lot not two).