It was fun, productive and winning recent days on the pitch for the Camden Hills and Oceanside girls lacrosse teams Tuesday and Thursday, May 11 and 13, as the unbeaten Windjammers forged to their fourth and fifth straight wins and Mariners their second and third consecutive victories.

Camden Hills improved to 5-0 with two additional dominating performances, these times with a 16-4 road victory over Morse of Bath on Tuesday followed by a 18-3 home win over Lincoln Academy of Newcastle on Thursday.

Oceanside, playing a club/jayvee schedule after years at the varsity level, is 3-1 on the campaign after a 6-4 road win over Lincoln Academy on Tuesday and 9-4 victory over the Windjammer jayvees on Thursday.

The Windjammer varsity, who had a bundle of earlier matches postponed for a variety of reasons, have outscored opponents 83-18 in five matches.

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Camden Hills 18, Lincoln Academy 3

At Rockport May 13, like a finely-tuned machine, the Windjammers continued to be impressive with tremendous all-around play, especially team-wide ball movement and having a nose for the net.

Ten Windjammers got into the offensive act with goals or assists against the visiting Eagles, including Ruby Cohen (goal), Anna Griebel (assist), Bella Ward (2 goals, 3 assists), Sofia Mott (3 goals, assist), Caroline Contento (4 goals), Alexia Cazemajou (goal, assist), Anya Babb-Brott (2 goal), Ava Baeza (goal), Ella Powers (2 goal, assist), and Grace Cody (2 goals).

Camden Hills goalie Maddie Boetsch finished with nine saves.

"Our girls took this opportunity to try to move the ball and work for the right shot," said Windjammer coach Wade Ward. "They worked to get balanced and punch the ball around, attacking the defense and working to find the openings. I was happy to see our girls play patient and work to take the right shot. Finding space.

"Lincoln [Academy] played an uptempo game and were able to move our defense and work us to move and cover cutters. They allowed our defense and midfielders to have to pressure out and cover adjuncts."

Camden Hills 16, Morse 4

At Bath May 11, the Windjammers continued their early-season dominance of opponents, and to tear a hole in the netting of the goal. Camden Hills led 8-2 at halftime.

Anna Griebel (assist), Bella Ward (2 goals, assist), Grace Cody (2 goals), Caroline Contento (4 goals, assist), Alexia Cazemajou (5 goals, assist), Anya Babb-Brott (goal, 2 assists), Ava Baeza (assist), Ella Powers (goal,) and Sofia Mott (goal) led the Windjammer offense.

Goalie Maddie Boetsch made fives saves for Camden Hills..

For Morse, K. Hart (goal), M. Larochelle (3 goals) and D. Pascuzzo (assist) keyed the offense.

"Morse had a good, aggressive start against us tonight," said Windjammer coach Wade Ward. "We started flat tonight; it took our girls some time to get their sticks where they wanted them. I need to do a better job finding them the warm-ups that will better prepare them for the game. The field feels big and we found ourselves not controlling the possession well enough not to be running back and fourth; together with Morse coming at the girls with some elevated energy, it took our girls the first part of the first half to gather and settle in. Our girls have been doing a good job of taking in corrections at breaks and halftime and implementing them as they get back on the field."

Morse won the junior varsity game 9-3. Zola Roberts tallied two goals and Anna Hildreth one for the Windjammers.

"This was an uptempo" seven-versus-seven match with two 20-minute running halves, coach Ward said.

He said the Windjammer players have shown tremendous improvement.

"The majority of the jayvee group had never played before and to see them control the ball in their stick while being pressured and use their techniques to get their hands free and get a pass off to a moving teammate is pretty great. Junior varsity had some good opportunities and shots taken on goal."

Oceanside 9, Camden Hills JVs 4

On May 13 in Rockport, Olivia Dougherty netted five goals, Lainie Hooper three and Dri Barcellos one to lead the Mariners past the Windjammers in a match that included seven-on-seven play and 20-minute running time halves. Lydia Laslavic made six saves in goal for the visitors.

For the hosts, Ella Cloutier scored two goals and Zola Roberts and Anna Hildreth one. McKinley Boetsch made 10 saves in net for the Windjammers.

"Both teams came to play in today’s contest," said Oceanside coach Angie Vachon. " 'Roo' Boetsch did a great job in the cage for her team in today’s game. She had a stellar amount of saves and it will be fun to watch that growth in seasons to come.

"Olivia Dougherty was on point in today’s contest with her five goals, communication, her movement in the scoring area and switching out with teammates to 'save legs.' Sophia Clayton continues to move well in the eight, have a hard shot on goal and feed to her teammates with a laser point. Lainie Hooper worked three levels of the field today for her team as well as Dri Barcellos, both playing midfield, defense and attack. Mareh Willis and Martina Straka continue to work on the circle and the draw wins today have been unmatched in our season thus far. Makayla Gleba with her interceptions and midfield hedging was a great help to her offensive side. It was truly a nice match today, with growing teams, both at Oceanside and Camden Hills the Midcoast is going to see some nice lacrosse in the years to come."

Camden Hills varsity coach Wade Ward added: "Jayvee girls had a tough seven-versus-seven game against an aggressive Oceanside team. This was a great day for the junior varsity to get some tough competition to test their steadily-improving skill sets. The ball is moving faster and the stick protection is getting stronger."

Oceanside 6, Lincoln Academy 4

At Newacstle May 11, the Mariners notched their second straight win, this time by two goals over the host Eagles.

For Oceanside, Olivia Dougherty netted three goals, Lainie Hooper two and Dri Barcellos one. Lydia Laslavic had four saves in the Mariner goal. The Eagles also provided a netminder for the Mariners in the first half.

Mariner coach Angie Vachon said she is "humbled" by the Mariners "teamwork, compassion for each other throughout our games and the ready willingness to shift gears on the fly on the field in manners that best suit their team. Today’s game was no different than our first two outings in that regard and it is serving the team very well."

She said an LA player dressed in Mariner blue and played in goal, and made four saves, in the first half.

Laslavic saw "fun defensive field play and as she got comfortable outside the cage, her work there improved throughout the half," the coach said. "Martina Straka and Mareh Willis’ chemistry on the draw circle continues to get stronger and Lainie Hooper and Olivia Dougherty played off each other well in today’s contest."

Barcellos went coast-to-coast for Oceanside's lone first-half goal as the Mariners trailed 3-1 at the break.

"With the return of Lydia to the cage and a solid halftime break the Mariners went to work," Vachon said of the second half. "With the combined five goals by Hooper and Dougherty, the four saves by Lydia, two on penalty shots, and the defense taking away everything they could from the Eagles, it was a great testament to team play."

The coach added: "Sophia Clayton continues her sharp eye on quick passes to her open teammates in the scoring area which will greatly help as the team continues to work off cuts and gel in that regard. It is exciting to see."