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April 14 – 18 The Sun and Mercury are in a positive aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius and also Mars in Gemini thus bringing you a philosophical perspective on what’s taking place right now. You’ll need it because this might be a difficult phase, not so if you are prepared mentally. The Sun and Mercury are in a challenging aspect with Pluto, which signifies arguments that are tough to deal with. Does the person seem to be more concerned with “winning” than hearing your point of view? If so, I’d walk away and not engage. Mars is awkwardly aspecting Pluto emphasizing the drive for power and control. Surely there is someone like this in your life that is hard to spend time with. If it gets really tense for you, you may need to remove yourself from the interaction, for now. This amount of tension depletes the immune system and your adrenals will boldly protest. You’ll know this is true if you’re feeling drained and tired. Don’t stand there and allow someone to intentionally manipulate you. It’s called, “abandoning yourself.” I learned this in my 20’s thanks to a really “excellent role model of manipulation.” Can laugh now, but I wasn’t laughing then.


April 19 – May 3  Mercury is now in Taurus an earthy sign concerned with relaxing, being successful in the material world and having nice things which helps them to deeply relax. Being in the material world isn’t easy and so Taurus energy says, “Ok, I’m willing to work hard but I want some rewards. I want to have plenty of enjoyment since I’m here in the body, because it’s hard to be aware of all disturbing things that are going on in the material world.” Mercury in Taurus wants to talk about what’s wrong and how we can fix it. Seeing a photograph of a seal with plastic rope around its neck doesn’t bring happiness. Facts like this are spoken and cause for deep concern.




April 19 – May 20 the Sun is in Taurus as of 4:33 p.m. on April 19. The Earth is calling, we are sending Her our loving appreciation. I’ve noticed over the years that Taurus people are well grounded mediums and have tremendous healing available. They usually doubt, wanting some sort of proof of the Divine’s Plan. Once they have been convinced… that’s it, their commitment is eternal. You could be inclined to test the Divine during this phase. Yes, smell the flowers, look up at the color of the sky and ask, how can this be? How did all of this get here? Big bang? In breath, out breath, ”Let there be Light and there was………” All life force has that original out breath within. Some call it “the seed of God.” Let’s nurture THAT seed.


April 23 – June 11  Mars is now in Cancer which has you feeling protective of elder family members. Your motivation is to make sure that their needs are being met with loving concern. You are not satisfied with just “adequate care,” for your family member. Observe. Then if necessary make requests for better care. This is the year for speaking out more than ever before.

April 20 Earth Day, why not every day?   How will you be celebrating?


April 20 – 23 Mercury and Venus are conjunct Uranus all are in Taurus. Perhaps you’ve saved up some $$$  to buy something really wonderful of high quality? You know exactly what you want and won’t settle for less. I’m thinking that you’re about to buy a bed or a couch. This  is also  a super creative time for you musically. Something unique and innovative is seeking to become manifest… through you.  Have you gotten a flash of genius showing you what you could create now? Are you ready for this? Things are happening quickly and suddenly while Uranus is involved. This you know by now.