April 11 – 25 Jupiter in Aquarius is in a minor aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. I call it minor because it equates to a 30 degrees aspect. That means it requires effort to develop the potential it is offering. It’s not a gift. Jupiter and Pluto in this particular aspect can bring you empowerment necessary to deal with the legal system. However, you have to work very hard at it, to get the results you seek. It can also represent dealings with authority figures who intend to plow over you. No kidding. You must take a strong stand for truth with honesty and not waver one bit.  You've got to amp up your inner determination and ability to persist no matter what. Praying helps. You might find that your boss is abusing his/her power and you are deciding to report that person, or not. You know it won’t be easy if you decide to move forward. If you're aware of abuse taking place you may need to step forward and report it. Then dealing with the consequences of revealing abuse is not easy. My ex-husband (now good friend)  and I were on the Wiscasset bridge years ago behind a fancy Cadillac. The man driving (we were stooped in traffic) was hitting the woman in the head again and again! I wrote down the license plate and called the DMV in the state of the license plate and got their name and number. I left a message telling her what I observed. I asked if she wanted help? I called the police in their area and reported the abuse I'd witnessed.. I've heard of a lot worse going on, lately!!!!

speaking of legal cases FCC is being sued. again. are you brave enough to hear this ?






April 11 – 13 The Sun in Aries is in a positive aspect with Mars in Gemini this aspect gives an incredible amount of courage and confidence to be utilized for certain principles which you live by to be honored. It will increase your own self-respect if you decide to make certain decisions. You are energized and ready to lead the way as a good example for others.


*April 11 The New Moon takes place at 10:31 p.m. with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Aries. They are all in a positive aspect with Mars in Gemini. Talk about talking, well you’ve got plenty to say and so does your neighbor. If you know someone loves to talk then you may want to decide just how much time you have to spare before you get involved. Venus in Aries is in a challenging aspect with Pluto. This is known to bring up past issues. I'm referring to  problems with intimacy. Not going to get explicit here but you know what I'm talking about. No sense hiding it you may as well talk about it. Therapy works. This new cycle is about personal reflection and taking action to be the best you, that you can imagine yourself to be. Get working on what blocks you from being yourself .Quit lying, number one. Face your issues head on and work through them. Pluto if it's relating to your natal chart is demanding this of you. Want this to be "THE" turning point of your whole life? Well, it could be. Anyone who was born between January 15 – 18, April 15 – 18, July 18 – 21, or October 18 – 21 of any year fits in with Pluto's demand for self reflection in order for the turning point in life to occur. For this to occur it  takes focus and determination and most often that includes a good therapist.


Tapping into what the body already knows.

“We are NOT human beings having a spiritual experience. We are:  Spiritual Beings having a human experience.”

Most of us have heard these words from the French philosopher,

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

These words will inspire us by the time the Full Moon comes along on April 27. Prepare your perspective now. Get rid of the dead wood (old thoughts) which are blocking the Truth about us all.


April 12 – 15 The Sun in Aries is in a positive aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. This suggests that it’s time for fun. Go dancing in the park, hear music in your mind, or pull back the carpet in your living room and let it rip while the music is actually playing. Positive events ought to be taking place during these few days. If you begin a new job, it could prove to be ideal. You’ll enjoy it and make friends with your co-workers.


fun video with David Bowie and Mick Jagger dancing and singing.