When it came down to it, ABI Masonry built a strong foundation and, ultimately, a beautiful championship finish in the Midcoast Athletics Center Men's Basketball League.

During the regular season of the Sunday league, ABI Masonry finished 5-2, Maritime Energy 3-4, Thomaston 3-4 and Grindle's Transport 2-5.

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The four teams played a single-elimination postseason tournament on Sunday, March 28.

In the championship game, No. 1 ABI outlasted No. 2 Maritime 69-63, while in the semifinals, No. 2 Maritime bested No. 3 Thomaston 40-36 and No. 1 ABI eased past No. 4 Grindle's 76-63.

In the finale, for ABI, Isaiah Stone-Patterson scored 18 points; Brian Walton and  Trevor Wilson, 15; Gunner Cummings, 10; and Sam Meklin and Cam Martin, five.

For Martime, Nick Tinker netted 25 points; Nate Raye, 21; Jordan Matero, nine; (first name unavailable) Prescott, five; and Aaron Ecker, three. Ryan Allender also played.

In the semifinals, Martime outasted Thomaston, as Nick Tinker scored 18 points; Nate Raye, nine; Jordan Matero, five; Ryan Ecker and Aaron Ecker, three; and Ryan Allender, two. (First name unavailable) Prescott also played.

For Thomaston, Ben Baudanza-Sturks tallied 15 points; Collin O'Donnell, 11; Jason Hughes, eight; and Matt Migliore, two. Chris Leon and Dan Ford also played.

ABI also raced passed Grindle's, as Isaiah Stone-Patterson scored 23 points; Gunner Cummings, 21; Brian Walton, 20; Cam Martin, seven; and Trevor Wilson, five. Sam Meklin also played.

For Grindle's, Rice netted 29 points; Dalton Oakes, 14; Ryan Ripley, 12; and Ryan Blackman, eight. Connor Graffam and (first name unavailable) Griffin also played.

On March 14, ABI nipped Thomaston 88-87, as Gunner Cummings netted 32 points; (first name unavailable) Schumann, 22; Isaiah Stone-Patterson, 18; and Cam Martin 16.

For Thomaston, Ben Baudanza-Sturks and Matt Migliore tallied 22 points; Dan Ford, 14; Collin O'Donnell, 13; Jason Hughes, 11; and Chris Leon, five.

The same day, Martime outlasted Grindle's 71-69; as Nick Tinker tossed in 32 points; Aaron Ecker, 12; Ryan Allender, eight; (first name unavailable) Harrison and Jordan Matero, five; (first name unavailable) Prescott, three; and Nate Raye and Ryan Ecker, two.

For Grindle's, (first name unavailable) Smith netted 24 points; Ryan Rice, 20; Ryan Ripley,14; Connor Graffam, seven; and Ryan Blackman, six.

On Feb. 28, Grindle's beat ABI 76-65, as Ryan Ripley and Ryan Rice tallied 23 points; Connor Graffam, 16; Dalton Oakes, 10; and Ryan Blackman, two.

For ABI, Gunner Cummings tallied 23 points; Isaiah Stone-Patterson, 19; Brian Walton, 12; Cam Martin, nine; and Dan Hendricks, four.

The same day, Martime defeated Thomaston 82-67, as Nick Tinker tallied 22 points; Nate Raye, 20; (first name unavailable) Prescott, five; Jordan Matero, three; and Ryan Ecker, two.

For Thomaston, Ben Baudanza-Sturks netted 21 points; Jason Hughes, 16; Collin O'Donnell, 15; Matt Migliore, 10; Dan Ford, three; and Dan Taylor, two.

On Feb. 21, Thomaston outlasted ABI 49-39, as Ben Baudanza-Sturks scored 13 points; Collin O'Donnell, 12; Chris Leon, eight; Dan Taylor, seven; Ryan Feener, six; and Matt Migliore, three.

For ABI, Sam Meklin netted 15 points; Brian Walton, nine; Isaiah Stone-Patterson, eight; Cam Martin, five; and Dan Hendricks, two.

Additionally, Maritime secured a 99-73 win over Grindle's Transport, as Nick Tinker poured in 42 points; Aaron Ecker, 26; Jordan Matero, 18; Ryan Ecker, 11; and Sam Meklin, two.

For Grindle's, Ryan Rice netted 30 points; Ryan Blackman, 22; Ryan Ripley, 12; Matt Migliore, five; and Shea Davenport, four.

On Feb. 14, Thomaston beat Grindle's 79-68, as Jason Hughes tallied 25 points; Matt Migliore, 13; Chris Leon, 11; Dan Taylor, nine; Ryan Feener, eight; and Dan Ford, three.

For Grindle's, Ryan Rice poured in 30 points; Ryan Ripley, 17; Dalton Oakes, 11; Ryan Blackman, seven; and Cody Heal, three.

Additionally that day, ABI beat Maritime 63-39, as Dan Hendricks scored 30 points; Sam Meklin, 11; Gunner Cummings, 10; and Cam Martin and Brian Walton, six.

For Maritime, Ryan Ecker netted 15 points; Nick Tinker, 10; Jordan Matero, nine; and Nate Raye, five.

The scores from Feb. 7 action included: ABI 88, Grindle's 64 and Maritime 77, Thomaston 44.

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