There were 18 more cases of COVID-19 reported during the past day in the three Midcoast counties, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday.

There were an additional two deaths reported statewide, the CDC reported Saturday.

Knox County reported two additional cases with no additional people completing isolation, the CDC reported Feb. 6.

Since the pandemic began in mid-March, Knox County has had 593 cases, 210 have completed isolation and four people died with 25 hospitalizations.

Lincoln County reported four new cases and one additional completed isolation, the CDC reported Feb. 6.

Lincoln County has had 509 cases, 16 completed isolations and one death. One death was removed from Lincoln County. No explanation was immediately given but other such changes have been the result of the deaths being reassigned to another county or state. The number of hospitalizations remained at 15.

Waldo County reported 12 new cases and one additional completed isolation, the CDC reported Feb. 6.

Waldo County has had 541 cases, 213 completed isolations and 18 deaths. Twenty-three residents have been hospitalized.

Statewide, there were 265 new cases reported Feb. 6, the same increase as the previous day. The trend locally and statewide has seen a lowering of the number of new cases compared to a few weeks ago when as many as 800 new cases were being reported daily.

Total cases since the pandemic began in Maine in mid-March is 41,064.

There were 23 additional people completing isolation, with that number reaching 12,521 since the pandemic began in Maine.

Two additional deaths were reported, increasing the statewide number to 634 since the pandemic began in mid-March in Maine. There was one death each in York and Penobscot counties. Both people were 80 or older.

The number of people hospitalized since the outbreak began has been 1,436, an increase of five in the past day.

There are currently 132 people in Maine in the hospital due to COVID-19. That includes 40 people in intensive care units and 21 people on ventilators. These numbers have also decreased during the past few weeks.

Of the 634 Maine people with COVID-19 who died, 354 were 80 years old or older, 165 were in their 70s, 58 were in their 60s, 26 in their 50s, eight people in their 40s and one in their 30s and one in his 20s.

Cumberland County has seen the worst of the outbreak, with 167 of the deaths being residents from there. York County has had 108 deaths, 72 in Penobscot, 54 in Androscoggin, 47 in Kennebec, 43 in Aroostook, 40 in Oxford County, 30 in Hancock County, 26 in Somerset, 18 in Waldo County, 11 in Washington County, eight in Franklin County, four in Knox County, two in Lincoln, one in Piscataquis and one in Sagadahoc.