Erasmus More, aka Joe Cough, of Waldoboro has just released his debut album, “8 Bit Arias.” He is a classically trained tenor, as well as a multi-instrumentalist and composer, who has performed in a variety of capacities from symphonic works, singer-songwriter, and experimental-electronic. More uses his classical training and combines it with his love of Scandinavian folk, bard, chiptune, pagan and art songs. This album encompasses all of these things in an interesting amalgam of musical flavors.

“8 Bit Arias” is an experimental album that combines chiptune, nordic folk, electronic, and classical singing into a musical biography of More’s life. Using a variety of VSTs to emulate the sounds of NES style music and his voice, he has created a rich texture of both the old, retro, and the new. Many of the tracks are inspired by pagan culture, Nordic music, mysticism, and video games he has been enjoying currently.

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